Anatolia has been the region where many civilizations live with its location and ecosystem. Vineyards have been made for many years as its homeland and it has the most suitable climatic conditions in the world. The only way to keep agriculture and viniculture sustainable is by preserving very valuable heritage. The method of this is to increase the amount of organic matter in the soil. With the use of chemical substances, lack of organic matter in the soils has increased and chemical contamination has increased significantly. While temporary and short-term income can be obtained with chemical fertilizers, we are moving away from a sustainable income by harming, weakening and polluting the land. So, we face a serious threat for the environment, human and planth health. For the world's leading table grapes and dried grapes varieties as Sultaniye and for other industrially grown all varieties, needs more.

Vermis Tarım Ltd.Co. produces organic fertilizers with the aim of sustainable agriculture in all agricultural production models. Vermis Worm Fertilizer, which we produce with the same name, has a rich content that nourishes, absolutely friendly to the environment, planth, human health and supports soils in terms of organic matter, that ensures the vital requirements and comfort of vine and is an organic 100% natural fertilizer and it does not contain any chemicals. It enriches and nourishes soils in terms of organic matter. It increases the amount of microbial diversity and population in the soil by creating an optimum structure for microbial populations with the mycorrhiza. Provides vital requirements and comfort of grapes with both solid and liquid formulation. Vermis solid worm fertilizer is applied to the pits where planting of grape saplings will be planted in pre-planting or in the recommended amounts during planting by mixing with the soil. Chemical fertilizers make burn but worm manure never does not. Therefore, can be easily applied to the saplings pits before or after planting. Rather than compost mixtures for grape seedlings, the benefits of using it alone with soil are much less costly than other mixtures. Vermis, for the grapes and young saplings to grow and rapid development of the soil conditions, slow release by providing a long-term quality of feed provides soil reclamation. Like chemical fertilizers, it is not lost in the soil. It increases the physical, chemical and biological activity of soil. Vermis regulates the pH balance in soil and removes its salinity if any. It increases the water holding capacity of the soil while retaining the soil by adhering to the particles and embossing the soil. This feature also significantly reduces water demand.

By ensuring the protection of soil temperature in difficult winter conditions, it allows the roots to be less affected by the cold climate conditions. In spring, provides the awakening of the buds, balanced and homogenous shoot development. When adjusting the cation and anion ratio of the soil, it makes easier absorption for the plant by chelating the macro and micro elements found in the soil or subsequently given. It causes the vine leaves to be more green and high quality by providing the chelating of the iron (fe) found in the soil. Vermis, with its rich and natural content, increases soil organic matter and improves soil flora. It contributes to the formation of beneficial fauna by increasing the biological activities with beneficial bacteria in its content. It accelerates the formation of meristematic cells in order for the roots to grow rapidly and to feed more. It makes much more hair root for the grape. It develops the young vine saplings rapidly and leads to the desired characteristic form of the above-ground organs such as roots, trunks, shoots and leaves. Biositimulant effect with the plant hormones in it creates. It also encourages older grapes, for the formation of root, strong shoots, and more bunch with more flowering. Vermis, increases the synthesis of chlorophyll especially in vineyards grown as wine. It provides an increase in mass and yield by revealing the aromatic properties of varieties creates a long-lasting effect for the production of wine with high quality grapes.
Vermis Liquid organic fertilizer is vermicompost based microbial organic fertilizer. increases the beneficial microorganism activities of the soil with the specific antogonistic coleomic fluid-mucus and special microorganism flora. By increasing this population, it increases the resistance against soil and above disease pathogens and above-ground pests and provides less use chemical pestisicides in wine grape cultivated areas. Worms have got a fluid to sustain their lives under the ground, increase their ability to move in the soil by lubricating the outer surface of their bodies, and to defend themselves against diseases and pests. This is called Coelomic Fluid. The coelom-mucus covered on the surface of their micro-granular feces too. The micro-granular fertilizer disintegrate in soil is slowly released to form an optimum environment for microbial populations. Increases microbial diversity and population in soil. Many natural plant hormones, amino acids, organic carbon, organic nitrogen, macro and micro elements, humic-fulvic acid and enzymes and mycorrhiza bacteria are found in worm manure. Vermis Liquid fertilizer is very effective in the rapid and healthy development of all plants. Mycorrhiza protects the plant roots against other pathogenic organisms.

It increases the resistance of plants, against the stress caused by adverse-negative conditions such as heavy toxicity and salinity caused by environmental factors. Mycorrhiza also provides better nutrition against plant diseases and damages, also increases the resistance of plants to drought. This is due to the that plants makes vertical roots and capillary roots, both to be better fed and to reach the soil depth for humudity. Vermis fertilizer , which is obtained with careful and essential production, is very high and sustainable when it is used in the right amounts, right times and with the right information. Using Vermis Liquid fertilizer, you can remodel your soil structure, avoid damaging applications and unnecessary costs. Vermis Solid, can be applied together with the starter fertilizers in the pre-season, also can be used alone easily in all phenological periods, also ıt can be use until the budding period on the grape cultivated areas. Because it supports soil in terms of organic matter, it can be used in every period and it is recommended to use. When used with chemical starter fertilizers, it accelerates the absorption of chemical fertilizer from soil and provides the use of less chemical starter fertilizer.

Vermis Liquid Fertilizer can be easily applied 2 or 3 times foliar when the shoots reach 8-10, 15-20 cm and 200 cc per decares during the cluster extension period. It provides strong bunch and large coarse grain formation. While extending the bundles, they open the nodes and trigger the homogenous development of the grains. In this way, prevent the formation of wedges or cramps, due to cracking, secondary diseases gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) also decrease the risk of disease. Vermis, is a perfect plant growth regulator and is microbial fertilizer, also creates a rapid development process in the vine, especially in the superior variety provides a serious earliness. It does not contain weed seeds and is odorless. It is not chemical, has no harmful effect on users or other living things during or after application.