Vermis Liquid organic fertilizer is vermicompost based microbial organic fertilizer. Increases the beneficial microorganism activities of the soil with the specific antogonistic coleomic fluid-mucus and special microorganism flora. By increasing this population, it increases the resistance against soil and above disease pathogens and above-ground pests and provides less use chemical pestisicides in al plants.
Many natural plant hormones, amino acids, organic carbon, organic nitrogen, macro and micro elements, humic-fulvic acid and enzymes and mycorrhiza bacteria are found in Vermis Liquid fertilizer. Vermis Liquid is very effective in the rapid and healthy development of all plants.It develops all plants rapidly and leads to the desired characteristic form of the above-ground organs such as roots, trunks, shoots and leaves. Biositimulant effect with the plant hormones in it creates.  Mycorrhiza protects the plant roots against other pathogenic organisms.
It increases the resistance of plants, against the stress caused by adverse-negative conditions such as heavy toxicity and salinity caused by environmental factors. Vermis Liquid also increases the resistance of plants to drought. This is due to the that plants makes vertical roots and capillary roots, both to be better fed and to reach the soil depth for humudity. Vermis Liquid fertilizer, which is obtained with careful and essential production, is very high and sustainable when it is used in the right amounts, right times and with the right information. Using Vermis fertilizer, you can remodel your soil structure, avoid damaging applications and unnecessary costs.

1. The quality of the water to be used in Vermis Liquid applications should be good, if possible not too salty, sulfur and chlorinated. Moreover, irrigation waters should have other criteria to be suitable for irrigation, especially heavy metals must not contain.

2. Vermis Liquid daubs should be applied without mixing with copper and chlorine containing pesticides. Because Vermis contains high levels of microorganisms, enzymes and growth hormones, which are beneficial to plants and leaves in liquid, because it is like  a microbial fertilizer.

3. Our Liquid vermicompst produced by our company are pure, hygienic and environment friendly products at the same time.

4. Apart from the information on the chart above, liquid vermicomposts can be applied repeatedly at intervals of 15-20 days, during budding, before flowering, during fruit formation and during the growing of fruits. It is also used as seed coat. Seeds moistened with fertile water can be planted after 3-5 hours or after about 1 day. (Waiting time varies depending on the grain seeds.)

5. Verrmis liquid vermicomposts must be mixed very well in their own packaging, after that they must be added to the fertilizing tank filled with water until halfway and then the necessary amount of water should be added and the mixer in the application tool should be operated.

6. The application should not be done when the weather is extremely hot and windy.

Vermis liquid with nano technology does not accumulate or block in the nozzles of drip nozzles and drip irrigation systems. Immediately after the fertilizer application, however, the irrigation process is continued for about 30 minutes with water only, to prevent possible clogging of the hoods, and to reach the root zone

8. Application in grass areas can be done with irrigation as well as after irrigation

9. In ornamental plants, it is recommended that none of liquid fertilizers be sprayed directly onto the flowers.


  • It is recommended to use fertilizer by making soil and / or leaf analysis.
  • Shake absolutely before use.


It should be stored at 5 to 30 ° C in a dry environment without direct sunlight. Boxes, drums and packages must not be reversed during transportation and storage.


The firm warrants conformity to written recommendations if it is manufactured in accordance with the specified composition and is used within the conditions specified in the mark. Damage, loss and liability which may arise due to improper application of the product, improper storage, improper storage, and all liability belongs to the user.




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We will accept the criminal proceedings against you in accordance with the law no. 4703 in case of the assurance that the information we will present to the market will be the same as the label information on the product.


VERMIS LIQUID, has Health Certificate which confirms the pasteurization conformity according to the European Animal and By-Products Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 and Regulation (EU) No 142/2011 of the European Parliament and the Council.