Urban development and change have made flowers and green more desirable in our social life.
Landscaping practices are carried out in grass areas, shopping malls, golf courses, city parks and many areas in sports fields, school grounds, and many areas. Application methods vary due to seasonal effects and local characteristics. In order to maintain this unique and more coloration,   there must be an infrastructure and preparation. The most important factor here is the quality and health of the soil used. Vermis Tarım Ltd.Co. produces organic fertilizers with the aim of sustainable agriculture in all agricultural production models. Vermis Worm Fertilizer, which we produce with the same name, has a rich content that nourishes, absolutely friendly to the environment, planth, human health and supports soils in terms of organic matter, and is an organic and 100% natural fertilizer and it does not contain any chemicals.  It increases the microbial diversity and population levels in soil by forming an optimum structure for microbial populations with coelomic fluid in Vermis vermicompost. When adjusting the cation and anion ratio of the soil, it makes easier absorption for the plant by chelating the macro and micro elements found in the soil or subsequently given. It increases the root / mass amount of lawns, making it greener, brighter, fuller, healthy and long lasting.  Ornamental plants, leaves more, more vivid, green, bright, high quality and abundant flowering causes. Vermis Liquid organic fertilizer is vermicompost based microbial organic liquid fertilizer and with it rich and natural content, increases soil organic matter and improves soil flora. It contributes to the formation of beneficial fauna by increasing the biological activities with beneficial bacteria in its content. It accelerates the formation of meristematic cells to grow the roots rapidly and provide more feeding. It increases the root / mass index while triggering the fringe and side root growth, thus creating a strong grass, also icrease tillering on lawn. It does not contain weed seeds and is odorless. It is not chemical, has no harmful effect on users or other natural living things during or after application. With these properties, it is an extremely suitable fertilizer especially for grass areas.

Worms have got a fluid to sustain their lives under the ground, increase their ability to move in the soil by lubricating the outer surface of their bodies, and to defend themselves against diseases and pests. This is called Coelomic Fluid. The coelom-mucus covered on the surface of their micro-granular feces too. The micro-granular fertilizer disintegrate in soil is slowly released to form an optimum environment for microbial populations. Increases microbial diversity and population in soil. Many natural plant hormones, amino acids, organic carbon, organic nitrogen, macro and micro elements, humic-fulvic acid and enzymes and mycorrhiza fungi and useful bacteria are found in Vermis Liquid . It is very effective in the rapid and healthy development of all plants. Mycorrhiza protects the plant roots against other pathogenic organisms. With these properties, Vermis significantly reduces negative effects by strengthening the lawns against stress conditions in extreme cold or extreme temperatures. Vermis Solid organic fertilişzer increases the useful microorganism activity and population of the soil by the presence of a specific microorganism flora with specific antagonistic action. It increases the resistance against soil pathogens and above-ground pests in grass areas and provides use less chemical pesticides. It suppresses effective pathogens during and after germination. Especially in large grass areas such as golf courses and football fields, fungicide for diseases, insecticides for pests and reduces herbicide applications for weeds.

Vermis, is used by mixing with soil during soil preparation for grass areas. It can be applied in the grass sods or in the areas that are out, worn or over. Chemical fertilizers might be makes burn, but worm manure is not makes burn. Because of that It can be applied easily in the order of pre-planting and post-planting periods on grass areas. For the top applications are sprinkled to lawn in the recommended amounts in the evening hours and then plenty of watering is done and it should be ensured to reach the soil level and root area. When the Vermis solid vermicompost is mixed with the soil in the recommended amount instead of the mixtures to be prepared for the flower pots in ornamental plants, the germination rate is both more economical and more useful than the other mixtures in terms of seedling growth and development.

Many enriched potting mixture materials lose their nutrients within 3-4 days while Vermis preserves the nutrients in the pot for 5-6 times longer than others. For this reason, Vermis solid fertilizer will be sufficient for the same amount of potting soil 5 times less than other mixtures. It is the perfect blend material that can be used as greenhouse and pot soil. Regulates the pH balance of the soil, removes its salinity if any, keeps it from holding onto the soil particles and increases its water holding capacity. With this feature, it requires less water demand. It protects the soil temperature in difficult winter conditions and ensures that the roots and plants are less affected by the cold climatic conditions, especially protect the grass areas from the cold climatic conditions.