When perennial and single-year-old plants in nature need basic requirements to survive they can use only air and soil. On the other hand, all industrial plants need much more, quality and sustainable care. It starts with a good and quality soil, timely and proper irrigation, fertilization-feeding, disease, pest control and ends with harvest. Vermis Tarım Ltd.Co. produces organic fertilizers with the aim of sustainable agriculture in all agricultural production models. Vermis organic fertilizer, which we produce with the same name, has a rich content that nourishes, absolutely friendly to the environment, planth, human health and supports soils in terms of organic matter, and is an organic and 100% natural fertilizer and it does not contain any chemicals.  Vermis Solid vermicompost can be applied by mixing with the soil in pre-planting or in the recommended amounts during planting. The mixture materials obtained by making multiple compost mixtures for seedlings or saplings are lose in very short periods of time, while the nutrient source in Vermis Solid worm fertilizer is maintained for much longer than others with the advantage of being richer and slow-realese (Longer decomposition period). Therefore, instead of other mixtures for the same amount of soil, Vermis alone is sufficient and will be more cost effective while providing rapid and long lasting effect continuity. For these reasons, Vermis Solid vermicompost is the perfect blend material for seedlings, saplings and trees. The use of organic fertilizers such as vermicompost must be extended for the maintenance of soil productivity. Vermis, for seedlings or young trees to root growing and rapid development in the soil conditions, make improve the quality of the soil by providing a long-term quality of feeding with a slow-release quality. It increases the physical, chemical and biological activity of soil. Vermis solid vermicompost, can be applied together with the starter fertilizers in the pre-season, also can be used alone easily in all phenological periods of the trees until the budding period. Because it supports soil in terms of organic matter, it can be used in every period and it is recommended to use. When used with chemical starter fertilizers, it accelerates the absorption of chemical fertilizer from soil and provides the use of less chemical starter fertilizer.

Vermis Liquid organic fertilizer is vermicompost based microbial organic liquid fertilizer and with it rich and natural content, increases soil organic matter and improves soil flora. Vermis Liquid fertilizer increases the beneficial microorganism activities of the soil with the specific antogonistic coleomic fluid-mucus and special microorganism flora. By increasing this population, it increases the resistance against soil and above disease pathogens and above-ground pests and provides less use chemical pestisicides. It regulates the pH balance, removes its salinity if any, attaches to the soil particles and provides soil ventilation. With its micro-granular structure, it increases the water holding capacity of the soil absolutely. With this feature, it provides less watering. It is miracle and very good soil conditioner. By ensuring the protection of soil temperature in difficult winter conditions, it is provide less affected by the cold climatic conditions of the roots and plants and ensures the continuity of the phenological processes and their development. When establishing the balance of the cation and anion in the soil, it provides absorption by plant roots by chelating existing or used later macro and microelements. Vermis, with it rich and natural content, increases soil organic matter and improves soil flora. It contributes to the formation of beneficial fauna by increasing the biological activities with beneficial bacteria in it's content. It accelerates the formation of meristematic cells for rapid growth of the roots and further feeding, capillary roots, vertical and lateral root development. It makes healthy plants  and rich root system, larger stem, the most complete canopy and a large number of leaves. It enables young seedlings to develop rapidly and reach the characteristic form of the above-ground organs such as stem, shoots, branches, leaves and flowers

Vermis, with its enzymes and plant hormones, on seedlings or adult trees the formation of strong stem, shoot development, multiple branching, more leaf and provides abundant flower formation. It creates a biostimulant affect by carrying out the fruit set. It increases the natural aromatic properties of fruits and increases mass and quality. While increasing the brix ratio of the fruits, it provides the shell elasticity and minimizes the cracking by balancing the inside and outside pressure. By increasing the synthesis of chlorophyll, it provides a long lasting effect continuity while providing a brilliant, fresh and healthy seedling, sapling or tree formation. In this way, together with a rapid development process, the seedlings or young tree in the soil or pots in the structure in the long-term healthy nutrition and waiting process successfully provides.Vermis, with coelom fluid, extreme cold, extreme heat or these negative effects of plants stress conditions during transport operations will reduce. It does not contain weed seeds and is odorless. It is not chemical, it has no harmful effect on users or other living things during or after application. With these properties, it is a preferred reason for both growers and consumers in seedling-saplig. orchards and ornamental plant plantasions.