Organic Fertilizer Production

We produce high quality organic fertilizer and worm fertilizer (Vermikompost) with technological productions. We produce very low level soils in terms of organic matter rates. We feed our worms completely with organic waste, special foods and grow them as babies. We make production processes and programs with a wealth of academic support and knowledge.


We prepare high quality compost in terms of nutritional values to feed our worms correctly and evenly. This excellent compost enhances the comfort of worms and allows them to live delighted by being healthy. As a result of these comforts are produced with high quality and high-value organic vermicompost. When this product meets soil, it contributes to healthy, organic and reliable food production.

Worm Production (Eisenia fetida)

We are using the production of worm manure to produce high-quality Eisenia fetida worms. We know what they want, what they like and accordingly, they increase their quality of life, we create their natural environment for mating and self-reproduction.

Organic Fertilization Program

After we produce our organic wermicompost, we share information in order to use it correctly and effectively. We provide technical support to ensure that our product is used in accordance with its intended purpose and that it provides satisfaction for the users and to ensure maximum benefit of agricultural crops. We respond to these technical information support requirements at the academic level with practical knowledge and experience. Making your soil the most productive is extremely important for us as well as for you. We feed our children and ourselves and continue our lives with the products grown in these soils. We call it a healthy production for a healthy generation.

Training and Consultancy

For worm manure production, we prepare training programs on worm manure and organic fertilization techniques to groups, companies and schools. We share information in solidarity, such as worm dung, to produce an organic and miracle value with the right information. Information is valuable and useful as it is shared.

Project Preparation, Application

When the production of worm manure-vermicompost is targeted, we respond to your needs in every relevant subject from production to feed. We provide support for project preparation, machinery and equipment for all sizes of production models ranging from easy to install and technologically simple commercial production model to high-tech and high-priced large plant installation. Contact us for more information

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