We strive to make world heritage lands more efficient and healthy. In order to maintain the fertility of this land, we produce organic fertilizer and 100% vermicompost with natural resources for a healthier generation, considering the environment and human health for the less use of chemicals.

We are investigating, trying and working better.
In order to ensure a healthy diet, we participate in meetings, panels, conferences, and seminars, in order to dissolve the conventional way of plant production, to spread organic farming techniques and good agricultural practices. By using different social media channels effectively, we access direct to producers and consumers in many parts of the world and our country, informing them to prefer reliable and organic products in agricultural production.

We are meeting with our colleagues at the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Research Institutes of our Ministry. We are exchanging information, evaluating developments in organic farming and good agricultural practices. We serve to determine the rules of our Ministry on these issues by contributing with our opinions, suggestions and experiences. We discuss and exchange opinions with the aim of hearing these activities and legislation for the formation of public awareness. With our understanding of social responsibility, we care about education and we organize awareness and training activities with our expert technical staff, especially for fences, enterprises, exporters and students.

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