The use of activators and biostimulant has increased rapidly in recent years and has become an important actor in all agricultural production models. While reducing the fertilizer requirement in all the plants it is applied to, it increases the nutrient absorbe and product quality. It also increases the effects of other products used together at a high rate. It provides a direct positive contribution to yield, growth and quality by reducing the negative pressures created by multiple stress conditions.

VERMAX is an organic activator fertilizer based of plant origin. It has a richly blended content that contains organic hormones, amino acids, seaweed, enzymes, solöm liquid and organic carbon. It contains based nutrients, macro and micro elements that plants need for development and growth in organic form. It contributes positively to the general growing of all plants with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro elements. It works as a natural activator and minimizes the negative effects of stress conditions. It promotes healthy rooting and balanced growth with its organic hormone, alginic acid and enzymatic activity. It is carried up and down systemically in the conduction bundles. It increases flowering and fruit set as a very good energy source for all plants with its organic carbon content. By strengthening the plant physiology, it provides the formation of plants that are more resistant to diseases and pests. In soil applications, it increases the biomass and activity of the soil with its high organic carbon content. Therefore, it also use for the soil condutioner. With its natural organic activator content, it also increases their effects when mixed with all other products.