The sustainability of grounded agriculture in greenhouse areas is directly related to the quality of the soil to be used.

VERMIS is a 100% organic fertilizer. It has a content that can enrich and feed the soils in terms of organic matter. Worms have got a fluid to sustain their lives under the ground, increase their ability to move in the soil by lubricating the outer surface of their bodies, and to defend themselves against diseases and pests. This is called Coelomic Fluid. The coelom-mucus covered on the surface of their micro-granular manure too. The micro-granular fertilizer they disintegrate in soil is slowly released to form an optimum environment for microbial populations. Increases microbial diversity and population in soil. When adjusting the cation and anion ratio of the soil, it makes easier absorption for the plant by chelating the macro and micro elements found in the soil or subsequently given.

Seed germination rate and development of the very short time ensures The speed of growth of seeded seedlings, brightness, fuller and strong stem structure of the leaves to be more and more effective. It regulates the pH balance, removes its salinity if any, attaches to the soil particles and provides soil ventilation. With its micro-granular structure, it increases the water holding capacity of the soil absolutely. With this feature, it provides less watering. It is miracle and very good soil conditioner.

It accelerates the formation of meristematic cell in order for the roots to grow rapidly and to feed more. It stimulates the fringe and side root growth of greenhouse plants and accelerates the development of aboveground parts It does not contain weed seeds and is odorless. It is not chemical. It has no harmful effect to users or other living things during or after application.

It is a fertilizer suitable for beekeeping activities in greenhouses with these properties. Greenhouse plants slow down their phenological activities in the cold, they close themselves. This means a serious disadvantage and loss for the farmers in terms of production season and early harvest.

Here at this point, Vermis, with its features, can significantly reduce the losses of farmers while there is a serious sense of negative effects by strengthening the greenhouse plants against extreme cold, or extreme heat stress conditions. Vermis solid worm manure increases the beneficial microorganism activity and population of the soil with the special microorganism flora which is antogonistic in its content.

Reduces fungicide, insecticide and herbicide applications which are used extensively in greenhouses. It provides resistance to soil pathogens and pests and provides use less chemical pesticides in greenhouses, Increases the defense power of plants against soil-borne diseases.
It suppresses disease pathogens during and after germination, while also suppresses pests in the soil during development.

Vermis solid-liquid worm manure can be used during the soil preparation for the greenhouse as well as the above ground application. Vermis is the perfect blend material that can be used as greenhouse and pot soil. It contains natural plant hormone, amino acid, organic carbon, organic nitrogen, macro and micro elements, humic-fulvic acid and enzymes and mycorrhiza bacteria. Vermis liquid worm manure can be applied to the leaves or drip irrigation as well as greenhouse plants. It increases the flowering and makes the fruit formation. It increases the briks ratio, mass and quality of the products and increases the yield directly.

It exposes the genetic characteristics of greenhouse plants, ensures the highest level of aromatic tastes and it increases the shelf life of harvested crops.