Our production is carried out with the support of academic consultant and the latest knowledge and experience.

Which is one of MCL Logistics Group, Vermis Agricultural and Livestock Trade Co. Ltd. Şti. was established in 2016. Our address; Subasi Mahallesi, 206. Sokak, No: 6/1   35885 Torbali / Izmir / TURKEY

Tax Office: Torbali Tax No: 924 051 3686 Trade Registry Number: 5789 Torbalı Chamber of Commerce and Chamber Registration Number: 5734 numbered and our relevant ministries, all legislation, laws, applications and ISO production standart IFC-Q-5-19-I-2269N certificated number supervised, within the scope of 2000 square meters closed, 2500 square meters of open space, including a total of 4500 square producing.


For the sustainability of healthy generations and of a quality life, we produce organic fertilizers and 100% organic solid and liquid vermicompost fertilizers so we imagine to vegetative production that is true, reliable and with using less chemicals. We dream of being productive with nature on the earth. We imagine that all individuals living on earth have a balanced, equal and disease-free future. We accept this as a duty and we feed our magic worms, which are small but, with what we take as waste from nature. We offer the vital miracle they perform to the service of humanity. Under current conditions, we are expanding our children and preparing them for the future with the traditional agricultural practices in which too many chemicals are used. Instead of the natural and organic resources available in nature, humanity is pursuing a faster production, yield, and the pursuit of chemicals that give more and more.

These short-term gains actually shorten the sustainable life of mankind. For a better quality of life, we must build tomorrows for the health of our future generations. From this point of view, as VERMIS, we realize creative and innovative transformation in agriculture. We are working, trying and researching for the better with our expert staff.

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